App idea not to everyone’s liking

Impression of the app.
Impression of the app.

Councillor Chris Cornish moved the motion last week to develop the app to create a streamlined method for community members to report local issues to the City.

The app would be used for infrastructure damage, flooding and graffiti with users able to take a picture and automatically send it to a City email with the GPS location.

Cr Cornish said the free-to-download app would cost less than $5000 to develop and save money and a �colossal� amount of time in the long term.

According to the June agenda, using an external software company to develop the app started from $25,000, with annual operating costs of $6000-$10,000.

Councillor Alan Radford said although app operating fees were very high, producing and running the app internally would reduce costs.

Cr Cornish said the app�s benefits exceeded its cost, and that he originally thought of it as a business idea to be built and licensed to other local governments.

�Instead I decided the City of Bayswater could have that benefit and I hope they consider offering a �white label� version, for a fee, to other local governments in order to help alleviate rate rise pressures,� he said.

�If, as I expect, the app proves popular, then down the track it can include many more features such as bin days.�

Councillor John Rifici, who voted against the motion, said it was a futuristic idea that encouraged people to take pictures while driving which was disastrous.

He said it sounded good and might win Cr Cornish some votes but that the current system was sufficient.

Mayor Sylvan Albert agreed and said community members had no problem emailing or texting him pictures with issues already.