Ashfield Reserve makes shortlist for State Football Centre

Ashfield Reserve makes shortlist for State Football Centre

ASHFIELD Reserve will be shortlisted as an option for the State Football Centre after the council received community survey results on Tuesday.

Town of Bassendean councillors voted on noting the community consultation outcomes, notifying the Department for Sport and Recreation that the Council agreed on Ashfield being shortlisted and convey several non-negotiable principles to the Department.

Traffic impact assessment, lighting plans, public access to pitches outside the leased area and parking were among the principles that the council wanted the Department to include in feasibility costs.

The council’s survey was posted online and sent to 500 households picked at random.

Out of 227 responses received, three in four respondents supported putting Ashfield Reserve on the shortlist.

Community development director Graeme Haggart said the cost to build the centre would determine the preferred option among Ashfield, Burswood and Whiteman Park.

Mr Haggart said there was no funding allocated for the centre in the current State budget.

He said there would be further community consultation in the future.

Deputy mayor Mike Lewis said he could not see much going wrong if the process included community consultation.