Backlash over new business

One hundred and forty-eight people against the shop signed a petition, which was presented to the City of Stirling, on Wednesday, October 30.

It reads: ‘We the undersigned ask that the Stirling City Council not grant permission for a change of use of the premises at 141 Walter Road from shop to restricted shop’.

The Everyman Store owner Andrew Wemyss said there would always be a few people with some misgivings but he had also received positive feedback and thought his store would bring positive retail growth to the set of shops.

‘My shop is by far set to the highest standard and dwarfs all other retail in the length of Walter Road West,’ he said.

‘The clientele we have are couples and singles looking to enhance their personal lives and we try offer a shop they can utilise freely and comfortably.

‘Bold statements I know but I recognise others’ opinions and endeavour to have zero negative impact on those doing business beside me.’

One resident, who did not want to be identified, said she was concerned what clientele the store would attract and the proposed store did not ‘fit in’ the area.

‘I’m annoyed that it’s going in such a family-friendly area,’ the resident said.

‘There are family restaurants surrounding it, a bowling alley and children’s shops ” it’s just not right.’

The resident said she did not like the way the street was changing with several massage parlours and now the ‘restricted adult shop’ proposal.

City of Stirling director of planning Ross Povey said the council had received a request for ‘change in use’ that was open for community comment until Wednesday.

‘Any submissions made during this time, including petitions, would be taken into consideration when the council makes a final decision on this matter,’ Mr Povey said.

‘The City was made aware the business was allegedly trading and officers are currently investigating this matter and if this is the case, the City will be liaising with the applicant further in relation to this matter.’

The shop was not trading when Stirling Times journalists visited the shop last Thursday.