Ballet joins garage sale trail

Ballet joins garage sale trail

One of an expected 10,000 garage sales on offer during the fifth national event, the WA Ballet Grande Costume Sale will include the sale of entire cast costumes from more than 30 shows, individual costumes, vintage clothing, homewares and baked goods.

Wardrobe deputy head Kate Ebsary said most of the sale items were from small shows such as Quarry or Genesis, with a handful from more classical shows like Giselle and Romeo and Juliet.

�There are also many one-off items that have been separated from their shows throughout the years and will be sold individually,� she said.

�We have a few costumes that have been worn by Daryl Brandwood and our company�s principal dancer Jayne Smeulders.

�In their heyday a costume can be worth quite a lot, a more traditional romantic tutu with a bodice, like a Giselle �Willi� can cost around $2000, but over the years with age and a lot of stage wear the quality can diminish therefore lower the worth of the costume.�

Ms Ebsary said the sale of an entire show�s costumes would be discounted with a rough price range of an individual costume $25 to $250, and a show from $100 to $2000.

�The money will go towards our build for our upcoming season of The Nutcracker,� she said.

�To have the extra funds to go towards costumes means better quality fabrics, more multiples of costumes and extra labour in the workroom.

�The amount of work that goes into producing a new show is immense and to have people see this effort up close is important.�