Basket case not the case

Cr Gangell said he was outraged the East Metropolitan MLC would describe the Town of Bassendean as a basket case, saying there was no justification for the claim.

‘Unless the minister describes anyone who endeavours to work with the Government in good faith as a basket case for being so foolish to think they will keep their promise,’ Cr Gangell said.

‘Or is it the fact that we stood up to the minister on behalf of our community to ensure inappropriate facilities were not built in the town.

‘Certainly as someone who regularly attends council meetings you would know that Bassendean is far from a basket case.’

Eden Hill resident Angelika Piantadosi supported Cr Gangell, saying she took great offence at the comments made in Parliament.

‘Good on Mayor Gangell for holding this minister accountable and being so instrumental in foiling Ms Morton’s plans to open a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Eden Hill,’ Mrs Piantadosi said.

‘We need strong, passionate leaders to take us on to amalgamation, so that our town does not simply fade away to become just another ward of a larger council.

‘There is a buzz of development occurring in our town at this time and contrary to Ms Morton’s opinion, the Town of Bassendean would be a valuable asset wherever it goes.’

Minister Morton labelled the town a basket case after East Metropolitan Region MLC Amber-Jade Sanderson raised amalgamation talks between councils.

‘It is clear to me and many in the community that in recent years the elected leaders at all three tiers of government have been more interested in their own political futures than serving the community ” to the detriment of the communities that make up the Town of Bassendean,’ Ms Morton said.

‘The amalgamation of the Town of Bassendean with the City of Bayswater is a lifeline to the residents in Bassendean and will be a great attribute to the City of Bayswater.’