Bassendean becomes small business friendly

Town of Bassendean administration building. Picture: David Baylis.
Town of Bassendean administration building. Picture: David Baylis.

THE Town of Bassendean will provide more help to businesses after it was named a small business friendly local government.

Councillors agreed to join more than 30 WA councils that have adopted the Small Business Development Corporation’s small business friendly local governments charter at their August 27 meeting.

It will provide more resources, free advice, guidance on making on-time payments and handling disputes, introduce activities, hold workshops and reduce red tape.

There will be a report card on the progress developed twice a year.

Mayor Renee McLennan said signing with the charter recognised the importance of local enterprises and demonstrated a commitment to work with small businesses.

Bassendean Business Network spokesman Elliott Brannen said it was a good recognition for some of the things the Town was already doing but it should be seen as a “first step”.

“As well as guiding them to develop policies and work effectively with local businesses, we want it to be a constant reminder to the Town that we are an important part of the local community and helping small businesses to open, grow and thrive helps the community as a whole,” he said.

“Starting a business anywhere is tough at the moment and Bassendean is no different.

“We know there are many businesses in the industrial area that are ticking along nicely but many retail and hospitality outlets in particular are struggling.

“Anything that relies on discretionary spending is finding it tough and that won’t change until the economy improves as a whole.”

Bassendean Business Network spokesman Elliott Brannen.

Mr Brannen said the network also supported the Town working with community group Old Perth Road Collective to activate the town centre.

“Anything that brings people into the town will help; anything that encourages landholders to develop or improve their properties to make them more attractive to potential tenants should be supported,” he said.

“The Festival of Local Business was a great example of the council reaching out into the business community. It was very well received and we hope it happens again next year.

“There have been a lot of changes at council level of late and we hope the new administration will continue to be supportive.”

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