Bassendean: West Road residents win rezoning battle

Bassendean: West Road residents win rezoning battle

BASSENDEAN residents living on West Road have won their bid to revoke the council’s decision to rezone their street to a lower density code.

Council voted at its regular meeting on December 12 to revoke part of the proposed omnibus amendment to the local planning scheme of their October decision, relating to rezoning 10 properties on West Road located in the floodway from R5 to R2.

According to Councillor Gerry Pule’s motion, if the density code was dropped to R2 it would have resulted in a financial loss to landowners without compensation.

An officer’s report stated the amendment would allow landowners to build a single dwelling above a 1:100 year flood event that did not obstruct floodwaters.

A Rowe Group representative, who spoke on behalf of West Road landowners, delivered a deputation during the meeting.

The representative said landowners obtained approval from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) to subdivide their properties.

“Given that WAPC are supportive of subdivision approvals, the inclusion of these properties should be taken out,” he said.

“Amendments to Local Planning Scheme No.10 to reduce the density from R5 to R2 is inconsistent to the approval the landowners obtained.”

During the deputation, Councillor Paul Bridges brought out confidential documents that were given by a landowner, which caused outrage in the gallery.

Cr Bridges said he was going to vote for the amendment but held major concerns about the potential to build more than one dwelling on each lot.

Bassendean resident Lea Bawden, who also spoke at the council meeting, said she was concerned about some aspects of the deputation.

“I had no issues with the conduct of the Mayor and the other councillors during the deputation, however I did have concerns about the conduct of Cr Bridges,” she said.

“It appeared to me that he was effectively taking over the deputation as a platform to present his own views.”

Ms Bawden said following to the amended zoning on West Road to R5, landowners were back to the position they were in prior to October 25.