Batching plant application set to be examined

THE Department of Environment Regulation (DER) is assessing the application for the concrete batching plant works approval on Collier Road.

Environment Minister Albert Jacob said public comment was advertised for the application until February 15 and that the department would consider all submissions as part of its assessment.

�When DER has made a decision on the application (that is, whether to grant a works approval subject to conditions or refuse to grant a works approval), the Department�s decision will be advertised and be on DER�s website,� he said.

�Any person aggrieved by the decision (the applicant as well as third parties) will have the right to lodge an appeal with me, as the Minister for Environment.

�If DER grants a works approval to construct the proposed concrete batching plant, subsequent operation of the plant will be regulated under the Environmental Protection (Concrete Batching and Cement Product Manufacturing) Regulations 1998.�