Bayswater Council July 24 meeting: corporate credit card review matches Auditor-General’s report

King William Street in Bayswater. Picture: David Baylis d485043
King William Street in Bayswater. Picture: David Baylis d485043

Compliant credit card practices

BAYSWATER Council unanimously accepted a review of the City’s usage and controls of five corporate credit cards at the July 24 council meeting.

The review was completed in line with recommendations from then-Auditor General Colin Murphy’s Controls Over Corporate Credit May 2018 report.

The report involved a performance audit of eight local governments, including the Cities of Wanneroo, Kalamunda and Rockingham.

Findings showed Wanneroo had 54 cards, while Rockingham and Kalamunda had 90 and 12 cards respectively.

According to the Bayswater review, all transactions were signed off by the cardholder, chief executive or directors and monthly reports were given to the council.

Each card had a monthly limit of $10,000 and a total monthly expenditure of $4000 to $6000 and were not used for private purchases and cash advances.

While Wanneroo had delayed the cancellation of credit cards when staff left, Bayswater cancelled its cards immediately after a staffer had left.

Waste working group

THE City of Bayswater will develop budget and policy proposals based on ideas formed by the City’s Waste Working Group.

Councillors supported Cr Lorna Clarke’s motion which requested officers to develop proposals around increased funding for education campaigns to “reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle” and trial food waste and composting programs.

Other ideas include creating an annual award by December for the most sustainable street and for the chief executive to prepare an options paper to help the group investigate future waste management options.

Cr Clarke said a cohort of ratepayers have improved their waste management by themselves or through Environment House.

Officers said the City allocated $30,000 towards waste education programs in the 2018-19 financial year.

The City had been working with Environment House, schools and community groups on educating residents about composting and reducing waste.

New Activities in Thoroughfare and Public Places local law

BAYSWATER’S proposed Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2018 will go out for public comment.

Councillors unanimously resolved to repeal the Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2008, with the intent of making a new local law for substantially the same purpose but reflecting contemporary practices and drafting standards.

There will be a state-wide public notice of the proposed draft law and a copy will be sent to Local Government Minister David Templeman.

The proposed law allowed buskers and street entertainers to perform at council-approved locations without a permit, while advertising signs could be placed on a thoroughfare without a permit and there was an increase from $100 to $450 in infringements for abandoned trolleys.

In 2018-19, the cost of the gazettal would be about $3300, with a further $760 for advertising costs.

Cr Sally Palmer said she was pleased to see an increased fine for abandoned trolleys, as there had been an increase of trolleys being left on streets.