Bayswater: Fire crews extinguish bedroom fire

The fire this morning. Picture: Keith Clements.
The fire this morning. Picture: Keith Clements.

FIREFIGHTERS extinguished a fire from a bedroom in a Bayswater home this morning.

Seven fire crews from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) responded to a call at 7.05am and several triple zero calls about a fire that started near Copley and Coode Streets.

Three crews and police are still investigating at the scene.

A DFES spokeswoman said the cause of the fire and extent of the damage were yet to be determined.

“We had a couple of firefighters go in with breathing apparatus,” she said.

“At 7.25am, the fire was extinguished.

“We still have a couple of queries there.

“We had seven appliances including special equipment.”