Bayswater group wants heritage protected in train station precinct

Bayswater train station carpark. Picture: David Baylis
Bayswater train station carpark. Picture: David Baylis

A COMMUNITY group will continue lobbying the State Government to respect heritage in the Bayswater station precinct.

The State Government announced Bayswater, Forrestfield and Midland station precincts would be included in the Metronet East Redevelopment Area as part of the construction of the Morley-Ellenbrook train line.

All development applications in the precincts will be considered by the State Government, while local governments will still consider developments outside of the areas.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) has control over developments within the station precinct and will help the City of Bayswater ensure the Bayswater town centre structure plan is implemented.

Bayswater Deserves Better spokeswoman Angie Maher said many residents were “dismayed” to discover the authority would have control of areas near the station.

“The initial Planning Control Area released mid-May was far tighter, giving the Public Transport Authority control over all they needed to redevelop the station,” she said.

“This new MRA area encompasses a lot of private property, heritage buildings and green space.

“Residents have devoted their time and effort to community consultations on our (Bayswater town centre) structure plan only to find that ratepayers and the council have been usurped by the State Government.

“Our historic town centre does not need the bulk and scale of high rise buildings.

“Many high streets have retained character with sensitive three or four-storey developments whilst still supplying housing diversity and urban infill.”

Ms Maher said the group hoped the State Government would recognise and respect the heritage and character of the precinct.

“We expect that the previous extensive and expensive community consultation is valued and considered in any future MRA planning development of our town,” she said.