Bayswater police officer bitten by dog while conducting search of home

Bayswater police officer bitten by dog while conducting search of home

A BAYSWATER police officer has had surgery after a dog bit his hand during a search warrant carried out this month.

It is the second time an officer has been bitten by the dog at the Bayswater house.

Bayswater Police officer-in-charge Will Withers said a search warrant was carried out on May 6 for suspected misuse of drugs.

He said the police forced entry and the dog lunged and bit an officer’s hand, despite bringing ranger backup to help control the animal.

No one was home, but a 31-year-old male resident was later charged with having smoking implements.

The officer had hand surgery and will return to work this month.

Sgt Withers said at the beginning of April, officers carried out another search warrant at the house and the dog bit another officer’s hand and caused bruising.

At the same Bayswater address, an occupant contacted police on April 30 at 10pm due to a vehicle in their driveway.

He said when police arrived they allegedly found four people sitting in the car with a loaded sawn-off rifle, a replica pistol and some amphetamine.

A 34-year-old male, 28-year-old female and 33-year-old female were charged with drug-related offences, while another male in the car was not charged.

Police are still investigating potential firearm charges.

If you have any information about the incident, call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.