Bayswater rejects five-storey development plan

THE Bayswater City Council will recommend that the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) reject a proposed five-storey residential development.

Applicant JCM Property Group wants to build 19 multiple dwellings on a vacant site at Foyle Street in Bayswater.

The project will cost $3.4 million, so they can decide whether to be assessed by the JDAP or the Bayswater Council as it falls between the $2 million and $7 million requirement.

The site is zoned to be a carpark.

Deputy mayor Stephanie Coates said it was a shame the application came before the completion of a structure plan, a document that would aim to guide future development in Bayswater.

Cr Coates said residents surrounding the site appeared to support it because the City only received four submissions, three of which were positive.

Cr Dan Bull said the application coming before the structure plan’s completion was like “the cart coming before the horse”.

Cr John Rifici said he would not be voting for it and they should be looking at similar sites for affordable housing.

“However I’m pleased to see investment in an area that needs attention in our city,” Cr Rifici said.

Resident Craig Rogers said parking was “very much” needed in that area.

“What is council’s opinion of the impact of the lack of car parking on local businesses?” Mr Rogers asked.