Bayswater residents lobby council to vote against Meltham plan

A structure plan to 'future proof' a Meltham station has been drawn up.
A structure plan to 'future proof' a Meltham station has been drawn up.

BAYSWATER residents had a “last hurrah” at last night’s meeting lobbying Bayswater council to vote against a plan that would allow developments up to six storeys around Meltham station.

Private developers commissioned the Meltham Station Precinct Structure Plan to facilitate higher density residential and mixed-use development in the area.

It is understood Bayswater JV engaged Planning Solutions in a joint venture with Pindan and the owners of four lots of land, Tideforce.

Pindan proposed to build 70-110 residential apartments on a 3503sq m Grand Promenade block.

Due to a community outcry, the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) extended the submission period and the City has now received more than 300 responses.

Meltham pressure group member Sandra Sjollema was one of 20 people who fronted the council meeting, which she said was a “last hurrah” for the group before council made a decision next month.

Paul Sjollema asked council why ratepayers near Meltham station had to use their own time and money to fight a structure plan that had no benefits to current ratepayers.

He said residents around Bayswater and Maylands town sites had council-led plans that took into account ratepayers’ wishes and improved the area.

Read out by Mayor Barry McKenna, Mr Sjollema asked whether it made more sense for the Meltham precinct to become part of the Maylands activity centre instead.

Cr McKenna said the City had already planned to undertake a structure plan for Meltham this coming financial year; however, the developer submitted a plan for the area in the meantime.

He said the Meltham precinct was close to the Maylands town centre but was a distinct precinct, mainly residential compare to the commercial area of Maylands town centre.

Residents concerns surrounding the plan have included the burden of an extra 2595 dwellings and lack of public open space.

It is the first time a structure plan prepared by a private developer has come before council.

WAPC will then consider council’s recommendation and make a final decision on the plan’s approval.