Bayswater Senior Citizens Centre mural adds history and colour

Artist Steven Buckles (Hurben) with mural at Bayswater Library.
Artist Steven Buckles (Hurben) with mural at Bayswater Library.

A BARE wall at Bayswater Senior Citizens Centre has been transformed into a sprawling design that aims to sum up Bayswater.

With a grant from the City of Bayswater, community group Baysie Rollers commissioned Mt Lawley artist Steven Buckles to spray a mural intended to be a statement piece at the entry to the Bayswater town centre.

Deputy chairwoman Lyn Deering said the group came up with a concept to tie historical and modern Bayswater together to create a sense of community for residents.

The mural includes references to the Swan River, emus, willie wag tails, black swans, settlers and Aboriginal people.

Buckles said he looked into the history of the area and wanted to represent the 50,000 years of indigenous history.

He said the black, yellow and red colours emanated from the land.

Buckles said the lolly wrappers on the willie wag tail was a nostalgic reference to the school and children walking to and from the town centre.

The mural will take three weeks to complete and has been given the tick by senior citizens who use the building as well as neighbours.

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