Bayswater train station a focus for Federal candidates

Bayswater train station a focus for Federal candidates

BAYSWATER train station has become a focal point for the Perth electorate battleground, with three candidates pledging to look at sinking the site.

The City of Bayswater hired TPG to create a $120,000 Bayswater town centre structure plan last month, which would aim to guide future development at the suburb centre and train station.

Greens candidate Tim Clifford said if elected the party would commit |$2 million for a feasibility study and “genuine community engagement process” related to sinking the Bayswater train station.

He said it would include $500,000 for infrastructure upgrades to the town centre.

“We need to look at how sinking the Bayswater train station would revitalise the area, coupled with better services for people closer to home,” he said.

“We also need to make sure communities are consulted from the beginning about the urban planning processes, and get to have a genuine say about their aspirations and visions for their own suburb, rather than at the end, which is what we’re seeing now.”

Labor’s Tim Hammond said the party would commit to a $1 million structure plan to look at sinking the station and redeveloping the town centre.

“It’s an enormous opportunity we need to look at grasping … working out how we can revitalise the village atmosphere potential along King William Street,” he said.

Mr Hammond said extending the tunnelling as part of the Forrestfield Airport Link was a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Liberal candidate Jeremy Quinn said he would “go further” than a scoping study and, if elected, work with Liberal colleagues to advance development at the site.

“I remain a strong proponent of the sinking of the Bayswater rail line, which has been flagged as a priority by residents throughout the area,” he said.

“Reinvigorating and further developing the heart of Bayswater will do wonders for the local community and I will be a strong advocate for these important changes.”