Bird theft: rainbow lorikeets stolen in Nollamara and Bassendean

Bird theft: rainbow lorikeets stolen in Nollamara and Bassendean

TWO rainbow lorikeets have been stolen from businesses in Nollamara and Bassendean over the past two months.

Bassendean Veterinary Hospital practice manager Lindsay Munro said lorikeet Sammy was stolen from their courtyard on June 10.

“He was not in his cage when we went in on Saturday morning,” Ms Munro said.

“The courtyard itself is completely inaccessible but they must have taken him from the shade cloth.”

Ms Munro said the hospital was desperate to get Sammy back.

“We had him for two years, he really is very important to us and the dogs and people really liked him,” she said.

She said there would be a $200 reward if someone found the bird, which could not fly.

“They are very precious to the owner and maybe not everyone else,” she said.

“On Gumtree, I have seen them sold at $150, but that is very overpriced.”

Meanwhile, Parry’s Newsagency in Nollamara also had their rainbow lorikeet stolen.

Owner Netta Brown said she was “devastated” when she lost Seymour, her pet lorikeet of 20 years.

“I am pretty sure these two ladies came in at about 1.20pm on May 14,” Ms Brown said.

“The cameras did not cover the bird cage so we did not ever need to worry about it.”

Ms Brown said the suspects would have allegedly taken the bird in a discreet manner.

“She would have had to do something to knock the bird out because she (the bird) did not like being taken out of the cage,” Ms Brown said.

“In fact she would scream but she did not; there was no sound, no nothing.

“I have given up hope but I want to know if she is all right, she is nearly 30 years old…they just let her go out to let her go fresh and die.”

She said the police failed to catch the women.

“We showed them our cameras where you can see two females coming down but they found nothing,” she said.

Ms Munro said Better Pets and Gardens in Caversham had a bird stolen this year.

A Better Pets and Gardens spokesman said one pink and grey bird was stolen from their cage about four months ago.

Mirrabooka police said there were not many incidents where rainbow lorikeets were stolen.