Brabham family welcomes new Brabham Primary School announcement

Brabham family welcomes new Brabham Primary School announcement

BRABHAM mother Nadia Pillera is looking forward to walking her youngest daughter to the new Brabham Primary School in 2021.

Construction will start on Lakefield Drive in late 2019.

The school, worth $18.5 million, will cater for 540 students from kindergarten to Year 6.

Ms Pillera, her husband Darren Fawcett and children moved to the Ariella Private Estate, which is on the same street as the school, a year ago.

She said she was excited to meet more people in the community, building friendships and daughter Frankie reaching a milestone.

“This was great news for us, our youngest child will begin her schooling days when the primary schools opens,” she said.

“This means we can walk her to and from school every day.

“When we first moved to the estate, it was advertised that there would be a school being built.

“This was something we considered prior to purchasing our block.”

She said if the school was not built, she would have to travel about 12 minutes to schools in Aveley, Caversham and Ellenbrook and deal with traffic issues along the new Lord Street.

“There are many children in our community who travel far just to get school, this will take the pressure off those schools and make life a little easier for those doing the travelling,” she said.

“There is actually a lovely young child with a walking aide on my street who catches the bus every day to and from school, the new Brabham Primary School would benefit him and his family, he only lives a few houses down.”