Buy West Eat Best campaign celebrates 10 years

Russell Blaikie will host a Taste of Must event - Picture Gascoyne Food Council
Russell Blaikie will host a Taste of Must event - Picture Gascoyne Food Council

TEN years of the Buy West Eat Best campaign will be celebrated in style this month with a special Taste of Must event tonight featuring Russell Blaikie, Gascoyne food producers and the Gascoyne Food Council.

At the program launch this morning Agriculture and Food minister Alannah MacTiernan said the evolution of Buy West Eat Best told the story of West Aussies affection for local.

“The program was born out of demand from consumers wanting to know where their food was coming from.

“During the past decade, it has not only stood the test of time but flourished. Membership has grown from 38 founding members to more than 170, including major retailers, small growers, artisan producers, large scale processors, restaurants and food service providers.

“Its success pays tribute to the hard work of those involved and highlights that food provenance remains a vital consideration for WA consumers.

“The criteria and compliance requirements behind the distinctive logo ensures credibility and assurance across industry that the product is grown, farmed or fished in Western Australia, and processed and packaged right here.

“Western Australians should get out, support their local food and beverage producers, and experience some of the world’s best produce we are fortunate enough to have on our doorstep.”

Consumers are encouraged to support local food and beverage producers as part of Buy West Eat Best month, by keeping an eye out for the program’s bright green logo in shops and restaurants.

A series of local food events, in-store retail promotions and member-driven marketing campaigns to support locally grown and sourced produce will also be held throughout the month.