Calls for diversity in local elections

Local Government Minister David Templeman and WALGA deputy president Tracey Roberts. Picture: Kristie Lim
Local Government Minister David Templeman and WALGA deputy president Tracey Roberts. Picture: Kristie Lim

LOCAL Government Minister David Templeman wants to see more diversity among candidates in the upcoming local government elections.

Mr Templeman and WA Local Government Association deputy president and Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts launched a video campaign today.

The 15-second video, which features the message, ‘Put Yourself Forward’, will run on TV stations, radio and social media.

It calls on people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal communities, women, young people and people with a disability to nominate as candidates.

The campaign is being run by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries in partnership with WALGA, the WA Electoral Commission and the Office of Multicultural Interests.

Candidates will undertake a mandatory online training course before the October elections.

WALGA deputy president Tracey Roberts and Local Government Minister David Templeman. Picture: Kristie Lim.


Mr Templeman said Census data showed there were more than 240 languages spoken in WA.

“We want local people who believe they have a contribution to make to put themselves forward,” he said.

“We want to see a greater diversity of people to reflect the diversity of their community.

“Local governments now are making multi-million decisions, strategic decisions about their community, decisions about the infrastructure that is required, very important decisions to how budgets are framed and delivered and how they continue to engage with the community about the sort of quality of life they want to create.

“Being an elected member, and I have been one in local government, is that it is a extremely rewarding experience.

“If you are engaging with your community well, you know that those decisions you are making are made for the best interests of the community you represent.”

The video campaign. Picture: Kristie Lim

Mrs Roberts said it was very rewarding to be a councillor.

“It is important that you understand your community,” she said.

“There is a lot of diversity within local governments.

“The main thing for an elected member is to understand and have a good relationship with your community.”

Nominations close on September 12.

The election will be held on October 19.

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