Carpark: Bassendean MLA won’t back down

AFTER State Government ministers and a department were unreceptive to his requests about an under-utilised car park on the main stretch of town, Bassendean MLA Dave Kelly has gone to the top.

Mr Kelly this month wrote a letter to Planning Minister John Day, Housing Minister Colin Holt and the Department of Lands urging anyone who would listen to consider purchasing lots 5 and 6 Old Perth Road to ensure that the carpark, which has become an eyesore, is developed.

Mr Day’s spokeswoman told the Eastern Reporter it was not an issue he could take up, Mr Colt’s spokesman confirmed he received the letter but he would not be making any further comment and a Department of Lands spokeswoman said it only dealt with Crown land, not freehold land. The numerous dead ends have not deterred Mr Kelly.

Under a tight deadline with the Government needing to make a decision before the end of this month, Mr Kelly has written to Premier Colin Barnett.

Mr Kelly said he would also try to bring it up in Parliament this week.

“I don’t want to see the opportunity lost because of Government ministers passing the buck,” he said. “So I have written directly to the Premier and asked him to sort out which of his ministers should look at this issue.”

Mr Kelly said the community wanted to see the train station end of Old Perth road brought back to life.

“The sale of the hotel and surrounding land is potentially a once in a decade chance to kick-start the process,” he said.