Cat saves Dianella mother’s life

Esther Kacev believes her rescued cat Buddy sensed when she had breast cancer.
Esther Kacev believes her rescued cat Buddy sensed when she had breast cancer.

The breast cancer survivor will run in her sixth Mother’s Day Classic on Sunday, May 12, along with her twin daughters Tammy and Daniela, son Brendan and husband David, and credits her beloved cat for her being able to do so.

Mrs Kacev (51) said she had received three previous appointments to attend a mammogram but cancelled them at the last minute, believing she was healthy and there was no need to worry.

She said it wasn’t until she noticed Buddy, a stray cat that she took in off the street several years ago, continuously around her and smelling her that she remembered she had read somewhere animals could sense illness.

‘I never in a million years thought it would happen to me; in fact, I had turned down previous appointments because I felt so well and it wasn’t in the family,’ Mrs Kacev said.

‘Then the strangest thing was happening and I had read stories that animals can sniff out illness and my cat kept doing that to me. It was then that I thought maybe I should go for a mammogram and that’s how it was detected.

‘My kids always say that I rescued that cat and now the cat has saved me.’

Mrs Kacev is now hoping her story will convince other women to do the same, urging them to have their annual mammograms.

‘I’m a private person but if someone reads my story and it helps save at least one life, then it’s all worth it,’ she said.

‘I’m not going to let this stop me, I’m one of the lucky ones because they found it and it was caught early.

‘I felt exceptionally well and I was on my way to Melbourne to run a half-marathon. I ran the race and kept thinking to myself ‘how is it possible to have cancer when I can run a half-marathon’, but I guess sometimes you don’t feel sick with it.’

The Perth event involves a 4km and 8km walk and run around Langley Park and starts at 7am.

To register, visit www.mothersday

The event has raised $14.8 million and involves more than 125,000 Australians.