Charities welcome anti-dump project

Last week the State Government announced it would work with the Federal Government in rolling out a program next year to help reduce illegal dumping and waste going into landfill.

Environment Minister Albert Jacob said the Better Practice Program for Charitable Recyclers was being developed to address concerns about the amount of illegal dumping at charity bins, which was a big financial burden for the not-for-profit organisations.

The program would include grants for charities to implement measures such as lighting and fencing, and education to discourage illegal dumping.

The State Government will provide rebates to participating charitable recyclers for the cost of disposing of the waste at landfill sites.

Mr Freind said illegal dumping was a huge issue at the Morley Salvation Army and cost the organisation at least $20,000 annually to dispose of goods dumped illegally at the centre.

�Even with signage about illegal dumping, people still dump their rubbish,� he said. �We have signage all around our property and have installed security cameras.

�This does not seem to matter as |people still dump their rubbish and take those things they want that have been donated.�

Mr Freind said Morley Salvation Army had spent about $21,000 on signage, skip bins and trips to the tip to address illegal dumping.

He said the Government-led program would be a great help to Morley Salvation Army in giving better support to the community.

Report illegal dumping to the pollution watch hotline on 1300 784 782.