Chisholm Catholic College graduate wins Murdoch First scholarship, will pursue criminology and psychology studies

2017 Chisholm Catholic College graduate Christian Starvaggi.
2017 Chisholm Catholic College graduate Christian Starvaggi.

WATCHING crime dramas such as Criminal Minds as a young student has inspired a Chisholm Catholic College 2017 graduate to study criminology and psychology at Murdoch University.

Henley Brook resident Christian Starvaggi won a Murdoch First scholarship last month, which will contribute to fees for his double degree in Bachelor of Arts, majoring in psychology and Bachelor of Criminology.

The 17-year-old served as a barrister, solicitor, witness and student coach in Chisholm’s Mock Trial team that won back-to-back Western Australian Mock Trial Competition for the first time.

He was also selected as a delegate for the National Schools Constitutional Convention in Canberra in 2017.

Christian said he was passionate about criminology and hoped to become a detective, therapist, counsellor or a criminologist.

Criminal Minds was my favourite but it got to a point where I just can’t keep watching these shows so I started watching the documentaries and reading true crime books,” he said.

“It got me really interested… not so much the forensics side, more like what goes through in the criminal’s minds to behave the way they do.”

Christian, who started uni last week, said he was surprised to have won the scholarship because he was not an “A” student.

“It meant a lot to me because I am not really one of those students who gets a lot of academic awards, I participate in (activities) like Mock Trials and band,” he said.

“Students, of course need to worry about their academics, but they don’t need to be ‘A’ students in order to get those important avenues.”

In terms of advice for high school students, Christian urged them to get involved in extra-curricular activities.

“I just did so many things and I think that was really important in shaping me to become the best person I could be,” he said.

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