Chisholm Catholic College in lockdown after police chase

Police outside the school. Photo: Elizabeth Creasy, Nine News/Twitter
Police outside the school. Photo: Elizabeth Creasy, Nine News/Twitter

CHISHOLM Catholic College was in lockdown briefly on Friday afternoon after a police chase near the Bedford school.

Police media told that a car chase had led to an offender running into the school grounds after stingers were deployed to end the pursuit.

Chisholm principal John Bormolini sent a newsletter to parents on Friday afternoon alerting them to the incident.

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“The College experienced a brief period of lockdown this as police needed to pursue an individual through our grounds,” Mr Bormolini wrote.

“The situation was resolved quickly and the College resumed its usual timetable shortly afterwards.

“Students were all in class and I wish to reassure everyone that has tried to contact the college that things have returned to normal.”

Police said two offenders, a male and a female, were in custody.