City of Bayswater power point coming to the Perth public art scene soon

City of Bayswater power point coming to the Perth public art scene soon

IT’S a cliche at this point – a Perth suburb unveils a piece of public art and everyone is shocked by how ugly or ridiculous it is.

The City of Bayswater is adding its own unique piece to the pantheon of Perth public art.

The $34,000 sculpture is called People Power and will be made of steel, aluminium, concrete and 3m reflective tape.

It resembles a giant power cord and is supposed to represent “the working class demographic”.

People Power will be placed at the busy intersection of Broun Avenue and Beechboro Road North.

It joins some bad pieces, including:

1 The “Perth Cactus” 

Pic. Wikimedia Commons by Orderinchaos

Dubbed the cactus – no one actually knows what this really is.

2 Mandurah’s “Crab Scoop” 

Pic Anne Niel

Mandurah’s obsession with crabs led to the creation of this sculpture shaped like a scoop – they should’ve just built a giant crab.

3 Claisebrook “Impossible Triangle” 

Pic Wikimedia Commons by Moondyne

Trying to work this Penrose triangle out while driving past is actually a traffic hazard.

4 “Kangaroos with Briefcases” 

Pic Wikimedia Commons by Moondyne

A memorial to all the kangaroos that lost their business fortunes in the GFC and migrated east.

5 St Georges Terrace “Conic Fugue” 

Pic Wikimedia commons by Moondyne

It might look like a kid’s slide, but in reality it isn’t that fun.

But there’s also plenty of good public art out there: 

1 North Coogee “C.Y O’Connor” 

The story behind this statue is beautiful, the legend of CY O’Connor, whose horse returned to shore with his body. The statue commemorates the pair.

2 St Georges Cathedral “Ascalon” 

It’s called Ascalon after the lance St George used to slay the dragon and it’s beautiful.

3 Adelaide Terrace “Paper Planes” 

Public art that is also fun!

4 Fremantle “Bon Scott” 

Pic wikimedia commons Greg O’Beirne

Whether I like this or not, it’s a tourist attraction. How many people have stopped to snap a pic with this iconic statue of Bon Scott? Plenty.

5 Kings Park “Muttaburrasaurus” and other dinosaurs 

If anything, there should be more statues of dinosaurs.