City of Bayswater against proposed mobile concrete batching plant in Bassendean

City of Bayswater against proposed mobile concrete batching plant in Bassendean

CITY of Bayswater council does not support a proposed Bassendean mobile concrete batching plant set to straddle the boundaries of the localities.

The application, before the Town of Bassendean, was referred to the City for comment as a 49sq m strip lies on Bayswater land.

The proposed development is about 1km away from a similar proposed batching plant on Collier Road, an application the City of Bayswater has fought against for about five years.

After State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) mediation, which came about after the Town failed to review the application within the required timeframe, the applicant submitted an amended waste and dust management plan to address concerns raised by SAT.

At a meeting on Tuesday night, Bayswater council moved without debate its opposition to the concrete plant.

Reasons included the Clune Street proposal not providing enough supporting information that demonstrated dust emissions would not unduly affect the area.

The plans did not provide 20.1m of land dedication required for the Wicks Street road reserve extension and affected the outline development plan adopted at the former CSBP site.

According to City officers, the design of crossovers to Clune Street would not comply and the development was “not consistent with the orderly and proper planning of the area”.

Town of Bassendean received 11 objections to the proposed development and concerns included health impacts, dust emissions, noise and increased traffic volume.

The Department of Environmental Regulation (DER) advised applicants Rowe Group they would need a works approval before it could assess environmental suitability.

City officers suggested Bassendean include extra conditions including installing a wheel wash for trucks, regularly cleaning the street of dust and sand deposited, and undertaking routine dust monitoring.