City of Swan removes fake 40 km/h speed sign in Lockridge

Speed sign. Picture: Martin Kennealey d471992
Speed sign. Picture: Martin Kennealey d471992

THE City of Swan has removed a temporary 40km/h speed sign that was added to an 60km/h sign along Altone Road in Lockridge.

The sign is located near Good Shepherd Catholic School, where it reads that the speed limit is 60 km/h at the end of a school zone.

However, residents noticed an extra 40km/h sign had been added on.

The speed sign along Altone Road in Lockridge which has since been removed. Picture: Michael Palmer.

In response to questions from Community News, Swan chief executive Mike Foley said the sign was removed this morning, shortly receiving notification of its appearance.

“The City of Swan is investigating the origins of a 40km/h temporary speed limit sign that appeared on Altone Road in Lockridge,” he said.

“The City did not authorise the sign and currently has no plans to alter the existing 60 km/h speed limit.

“Speed zoning and associated signage is the responsibility of Main Roads WA.”

However, a Main Roads spokeswoman confirmed that the road is under the care and control of the City.

“The 40km/h sign is a temporary sign and approval for the erection and display of this sign is the responsibility of council,” she said.

“Main Roads has reported this anomaly to council for their further action.”

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