City transformation has begun

Cr Albert said Morley was one of 10 strategic metropolitan centres and a top priority for State Government, as outlined in the report Directions 2031 and Beyond.

The City was also considering proposals as part of the Morley Structure Plan.

�The Morley Structure Plan essentially facilitates and guides the strategic development of the centre to achieve the 2031 structure plan vision, which is that the Morley Activity Centre will be a vibrant place to visit, a dynamic marketplace to do business, and home to a diverse and connected community,� Cr Albert said.

�The structure plan essentially provides the planning framework to facilitate the transformation of the city centre.

�For the 2031 structure plan vision to succeed, the City is actively working together with private landowners, businesses, service agencies and various State Government departments.

�To put our aspirations in context, by 2031, the Morley Activity Centre should be home to 10,000 residents and 10,000 jobs; currently there are over 3000 residents and 4000 local jobs in Morley.�

He said the City was focused on creating a vibrant urban inner city hub that would accommodate the expected growth of areas such as Morley and Maylands, while reassuring it connects the needs and aspirations of our community.

�This includes stimulating a more appropriate and versatile mix of employment, retail, commercial, cultural, entertainment and residential use,� Cr Albert said.

�The City is focused on creating more sustainable living and as such, stimulates walking, cycling and the use of public transport in its vision for the future.�

Cr Albert said several studies including a car parking management plan for the centre had been done in support of the structure plan, costing the City in total about $300,000 plus staff time.