City votes to cut down mature tree

The tree on Hillcrest Crescent to be removed.
The tree on Hillcrest Crescent to be removed.

Councillors changed the committee’s recommendation, which was to have an independent arborist report put together for the Hillside Crescent tree and, if deemed a risk, to cut it down.

The council voted to have the 23-metre southern mahogany removed following the officer’s recommendation, which was based on a risk assessment carried out by the city.

The council agenda said ‘although the tree significantly contributes to the streetscape, harmful pruning over the years has removed a substantial amount of canopy.’

At the same meeting, councillors voted to support Cr Chris Cornish’s motion for City officers to investigate options to increase tree canopy coverage from 13.2 per cent to 20 per cent by 2025.

Cr Cornish said Council should take pride in being the ‘Garden City’ and needed to address the shortfall in tree canopy to mitigate issues of urban heat.