Closed door remains

Councillor Paul Bridges advised that he wished to revoke the November 24, 2009 motion excluding the public from briefing sessions

Crs Jennie Carter, Paul Bridges and Anne Brink-worth supported the motion while crs Gerry Pule, Mike Lewis and John Gangell opposed it.

Cr Carter said opening up the briefing sessions to the public offered residents transparency and would be good for council going into next year’s new council.

Cr Bridges agreed, saying while Bassendean was a small council it was important to allow members of the public in the briefing sessions so they could see the processes.

‘This is what good governance is about,’ he said.

Cr Mike Lewis argued that the current system of having an open forum at council meetings worked, so why change it, while Cr Pule said the previous system of public briefing sessions were run inefficiently and until all hours of the night.

‘We are not here to be the entertainment, we are here to provide good governance,’ Cr Pule said.

Cr Anne Brinkworth said she could see both sides of the argument but having spoken to members of the community, she was sympathetic to the people and suggested a three-month trial.

Cr Gangell agreed with crs Lewis and Pule, adding the current system worked and he would be using his casting vote to reject it.