Conmen rob partially blind man

The men, one of whom was wearing a fluorescent vest, turned up at the 86-year-old victim’s house about 3.30pm on Wednesday, October 16, claiming to be government workers.

First Class Constable Alyce Pelletier said one offender told the victim they needed to check leaking pipes in the back yard of his Richard Street home.

Keeping the front flyscreen locked, the victim led the man to his back yard through the side gate.

‘While one of the offenders distracted the elderly male, the second forced entry to the front door of the house,’ Constable Pelletier said.

‘The victim was alerted by noises coming from within the house and walked inside where he was confronted in his bedroom by the second offender who was armed with a crowbar.

‘One of the offenders pushed the victim causing him to fall to the ground.’

The offenders then fled the scene after stealing an old tin with family documents inside.

Constable Pelletier said it was a cowardly attack targeting a vulnerable, defenceless elderly man.

The incident has prompted police to remind residents to ask for identification from strangers coming to their homes.

‘Police remind the public to remain vigilant and always ask for identification if someone attends your residence to conduct work on your house,’ she said.

The first offender was described as a Caucasian male, 25-35 years old, about 165-170cm tall, of medium build and wearing a florescent vest while the second was described as 25-35 years old, about 180cm tall with an olive complexion.