Council responds to Metronet East redevelopment area

Bayswater train station picture: David Baylis.
Bayswater train station picture: David Baylis.

BAYSWATER Council will respond to Planning Minister Rita Saffioti about its intention to retain control over parks in the Metronet East redevelopment area.

Ms Saffioti sent a letter to the City, asking for its recommendations on the amendment to the existing Midland Redevelopment Area scheme to include Bayswater and Forrestfield project areas.

The project area boundary surrounds the new Bayswater train station, which starts construction this year.

Before the scheme is gazetted by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA), the WA Planning Commission will decide on proposed developments in a Planning Control Area.

The approved planning control area for Bayswater.

The MRA will then have full control over the Bayswater train station precinct.

The council passed several recommendations on the amendment at its June 25 meeting.

Recommendations include having the boundary reflect the City’s draft Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan area, with the parks and public open space remain under the control of the City and for the MRA to work with the City on the scheme and place making initiatives.

The council also wanted the MRA to protect places on the City’s heritage list.

Mayor Dan Bull’s amendments which requested the MRA to consider the City’s urban forest policy, design review panel, Bayswater town centre soft activation policy, car parking management plan, pedestrian spaces and character precinct policy were also supported.

Cr Bull also wanted the MRA to write to affected and potentially affected business landowners and form a working group with businesses.

He said while a meeting with the authority made him more comfortable but there was still “no line of sight” as to what their plans were.

Cr Sally Palmer said the council needed to be progressive and work with the State Government in developing the Bayswater area to be suited to the next 40 years.

The council also requested for a report on all programmed works within the area, so it could decide on whether to proceed with works and projects in 2019-2020.

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