Town of Bassendean councillor apologises

A TOWN of Bassendean councillor has found himself in hot water and forced to apologise at last week’s monthly meeting.

Cr Paul Bridges stood to apologise to Mayor John Gangell and five other councillors during the meeting as instructed by the Local Government Standards Panel.

“A complaint has been made to the Local Government Standards Panel in which it was alleged that I contravened regulation 4 (2) of the Local Government (Rules of Conduct) Regulations 2007 by making a statement during the Council’s April 28, 2015, ordinary Council meeting,” Cr Bridges said.

He said the panel found he used “offensive or objectionable expressions” in reference to Cr Gangell and the other councillors.

“I accept that I should not have made that statement and apologise to Mayor Gangell and my fellow councillors for having done so,” he said.

The Eastern Reporter understands the apology came about after Cr Bridges accused Cr Gangell of giving misinformation at the April 28 meeting to a member of the public about the fate of the bowling and tennis clubs.

On May 5, the Reporter published that Cr Bridges said when asked if the clubs would be moved, the answer recorded in the minutes was “the Mayor responded that there has been no discussion or decision made on this matter”.

However, Cr Gangell told the Eastern Reporter the audio recording of the March meeting revealed that he said “no decision has been made as far as I’m aware. The council has not made any determination in regard to the future of the tennis club or the bowling club”.

At the April 28 meeting, Cr Bridges said he would raise a red card every time a member of the public was lied to during a council meeting. “If misinformation continues to be given, I will blow them out of the water,” he said.