Cycling ‘secret’ to be exposed at talk

Mr Benz, who last year retired as chief executive of community advocacy organisation Bicycle Transport Alliance, is one of five speakers at City Soapbox, a Bike Week event organised by UWA’s University Bicycle Club.

He will discuss how the humble treadly can boost neighbourhood vitality, ease traffic and parking problems, and promote more productive and prosperous communities.

“People think the public discussion around cycling is all about weekend warriors and athletic types in funny clothes when in reality it’s not even about cycling at all,” Mr Benz said.

“It’s about mobility, public space, and creating happier, healthier and more successful places that work better for everyone. The bicycle is just a tool that allows us to create these kind of communities.”

Mr Benz said even people who did not ride bikes would reap the benefits of more bike-friendly street design.

City Soapbox will be held over five days at the Museum of Perth from Monday, March 14 to Friday, March 18.

Mr Benz will speak on Tuesday, March 15. For details go to