Dan Murphy’s knocked back again

Two years ago, Woolworths majority-owned Australian Leisure Hospitality applied to convert the run-down tavern into a booze barn and small venue, which attracted a huge community outcry.

Knocked back by the Metropolitan Central Joint Development Assessment Panel, the State Administrative Tribunal ultimately supported the development that went before a Liquor Commission hearing last September.

Two members of the three-person commission refused the application, a move that overruled chairman Seamus Rafferty who supported granting the licence.

An Australian Leisure Hospitality spokesman said they were currently reviewing the decision.

The group could appeal the judgement at the Supreme Court.

Maylands MLA Lisa Baker said she was “delighted” by the decision that was in alignment with views of Maylands residents, WA Police and the Department of Health.

“Crime and anti-social behaviour increase around these outlets,” Ms Baker said.

“It was going to profoundly impact on people living in the area; there are 16 bottleshops within a 1km radius already, there are eight service providers who deal with street drinking, alcoholism, homelessness and the vulnerable in the same area; it’s on the railway line.”

Ms Baker said a large liquor store was more suited to a site such as the Morley Galleria, where there currently is a Dan Murphy’s.

City of Bayswater Councillor Catherine Ehrhardt, a Maylands resident, said the community wanted to see a new pub on the site, just not one that had 1000sqm of booze barn attached.

“I haven’t met one person who doesn’t want to see a new pub on that site,” Cr Ehrhardt said.

“It was apparent it was all about the Dan Murphy’s… if Woolworths were to come back with a plan that had a tiny liquor outlet, with a much larger bistro-style pub/tavern, I think the locals would embrace that.”

The WA Liquor Commission will release the reasons for its decision in coming weeks.

n Opinion, page 10.