Dianella man (37) charged after allegedly trying to run down two motorcyclists with car

MIRRABOOKA Detectives charged a 37-year-old man after investigations into an incident on December 24 in Dianella.

About 7:20pm, two teenage males were sitting on their off road motorcycles on a verge on Lilac Place when the man allegedly drove his Mitsubishi Pajero over the curb and towards the pair.

The 16 and 19 year old managed to jump from their bikes before the man ran over one motorcycle.

It is also alleged the 37-year-old driver exited his vehicle and threatened the pair, striking the 16-year-old to his lower back; he received a minor injury.

The Dianella man was charged with unlawful acts with intent to harm (endangering life, health or safety of any person), criminal damage and common assault.

He is due to appear before Perth Magistrates Court on January 18.