Bayswater Dog Attack Numbers Drop

THE number of dog attacks reported in the City of Bayswater has plummeted since 2014.

The Eastern Reporter can reveal 147 attacks were reported in 2014, but only 84 by mid-December last year.

Of those reported last year, 33 attacks were on other animals and 18 to people.

Mayor Barry McKenna reminded dog owners that having a pet was a big responsibility.

“Owning a dog is such a rewarding experience,” he said.

“However with ownership comes great responsibility, both in ensuring the welfare of your pet and also in ensuring the welfare of those who may come into contact with it.

“You furry friend will need to be on a leash when you are taking them on their daily walk.”

Town of Bassendean chief executive Bob Jarvis said last month 10 reports were made over 2015 of a person being attacked by a dog, compared to seven in 2014.

He said only four of the 10 reports involved a bite, but not all of the reported biting incidents resulted in injuries.

There were six reports of dogs attacking another animal in 2015, two more than in 2014.

He said 94 dogs were impounded by mid-December. The City of Bayswater’s figures were not available.

Mr Jarvis warned pet owners to get their dogs trained.

“Dog owners should ensure that their dogs are well socialised, trained and kept under control,” he said.

“All dogs should also be kept on leads when they are not in designated off-leash exercise areas and when in these areas you must have a leash with you and your dog must still be under your effective control.”

Cr McKenna said the City had a range of a dog exercise areas.

For a list of dog exercise areas in the City of Bayswater, go to