Don’t poo-poo this warning

CITY of Swan Ballajura ward councillor Mel Congerton has appointed himself sheriff of the poo police and says people who do not clean up after their dog will get the �turd degree�.

Cr Congerton said he had been inundated with complaints from resident about dog owners not picking up their pets� faeces when on walks and warned offenders to watch out.

Under City of Swan law, people who do not clean up their dog�s droppings from public or private property face a $100 fine.

�If you are one of the dog owners that just let your dog defecate on our front lawns, our parks and our footpaths without bothering to pick up the mess your dog left behind, you better watch out because we have had enough,� Cr Congerton said.

�I get so many complaints from neighbours and the general public about this topic it makes my blood boil.�

He said the mess left behind interfered with taking his grandchildren outside to play.

�I can�t even take my grandchildren to play in the park or go for a stroll along the footpath without constantly watching out for dog litter,� he said.

�Every time I go to mow my lawn I have to pick up someone else�s dog crap first.�

The City has placed dog litter bags in most parks, so there was no excuse to leave the mess behind, he said.