Eden Hill: residents near Jubilee Reserve again concerned as drug issues resurface

Syringe found in bush at Jubilee Reserve earlier this year.
Syringe found in bush at Jubilee Reserve earlier this year.

EDEN Hill residents are concerned about drug issues that are resurfacing at a property on Northmoor Road near Jubilee Reserve.

The reserve, which has been linked to an ongoing syringe problem, is home to many sporting clubs.

Resident and Jubilee Action Group member Neera Mukherjee said there had been suspicious activity in the carpark.

“With the recent activity it makes me feel that the root cause has not been dealt with and that until this has happened these activities are going to continue, making the reserve an unsafe place for children,” she said.

“This is my main concern… all children deserve a safe environment to play in.”

Ms Mukerjee said to keep the community safe, the tenants needed to be “evicted”.

“I am aware that this particular property is not the only one in the area,” she said.

“Personally I would like to view the process of how people are placed in housing…maybe it is this process that needs to be defined in order to prevent this happening over.”

Bassendean MLA Dave Kelly said the syringe problem at Jubilee Reserve had significantly reduced.

“People are concerned that while the reserve itself has been cleaned up and the drug house in question went quiet for a number of weeks, there appears to be increased activity at the house,” he said.

“So, people are very much concerned that there is a danger that perhaps the house would go back to its old ways.”

Mr Kelly said residents would not be happy with a “temporary fix” to the problem.

“People are enjoying having their park back but they know that would not necessarily be the case if the current tenants in that house remain,” he said.

Kiara Police officer-in-charge Mark Stoneman said police had increased patrols around the reserve.

“Kiara Police are aware of the increase in recent activity around Jubilee Reserve and have received reports from the public relating to possible drug activities in the area,” he said.

“We have increased our patrols and regularly visit known houses in the area in an effort to reduce this activity.

“Kiara Police will continue in their efforts to reduce offending in and around the reserve and ask for the public to please report any suspicious activity to Crime Stoppers.”

Housing Authority service delivery general manager Greg Cash said the Authority had received information in regards to the property.

“Housing is awaiting the outcome of recent charges against one of the tenants before determining the most appropriate course of action against the tenancy,” he said.

“The charges are scheduled to be heard in court on October 11, 2016.

“Housing continues to manage the tenancy and will investigate any disruptive behaviour complaints.”

Mr Cash said no complaints have been lodged to the Housing Authority since a police raid in July.