Eden Hill: tenants evicted from alleged ‘drug house’

Eden Hill: tenants evicted from alleged ‘drug house’

THE HOUSING Authority has evicted the tenants of an alleged drug house on Northmoor Road in Eden Hill due to the “significant impact” it had on the community.

The house was linked to an alleged syringe issue at Jubilee Reserve dating back to June this year, where a residents’ action group was formed to combat the issue.

The Housing Authority told the Eastern Reporter in October it was awaiting the outcome of the criminal court proceedings before determining a course of action.

On October 11, the tenants faced court and pleaded not guilty, with their case adjourned until December 23.

However, service delivery general manager Greg Cash confirmed an eviction notice was given to the tenants of the property.

“In this instance, given the court delays, uncertainty about a definitive court outcome and the significant impact the alleged illegal use of premises is having on the wider community, the Housing Authority has decided to proceed to terminate the tenancy now rather than await the outcome of criminal court proceedings,” he said.

Mr Cash said once a tenant was evicted from a public housing property, they could re-apply for public housing assistance.

“As this tenancy was problematic any future application would be subject to a review,” he said.

“The tenant can also apply for a bond assistance loan in order to assist them with obtaining housing in the private market.

“When a Housing Authority property becomes vacant, Housing considers the suitability of retaining the site for rental purposes, taking into consideration such factors as the age of the dwelling and redevelopment potential.”

Bassendean MLA Dave Kelly said he was pleased with Housing listening to the community concerns.

“Residents do not deserve 60 days of drama over Christmas,” he said.

“People won’t be happy until the park is clean again… this is a step in the right direction.”