EPA to consider comments regarding proposed concrete batching plant in Bayswater

THE Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) received 25 comments during a seven-day public comment period about the proposed concrete batching plant in Bayswater, in November.

An EPA spokeswoman said the authority would now consider the comments before making a decision on whether or not to assess the proposal, and, if so, at what level of assessment.

“The EPA has 28 days following receipt of all information to determine if the proposal will be assessed,” she said.

When the EPA decides to assess a proposal, it will determine which assessment will apply – Assessment on Proponent Information or Public Environmental Review.

There is no appeal on the EPA’s decision to assess a proposal, but at the end of the Environmental Impact Assessment process there is a 14-day appeal period on the EPA’s report and recommendations to the Minister for Environment.

In reference to concrete batching plants, the spokeswoman said the EPA expected the industry premises would be designed to avoid or minimise emissions and ensure that unacceptable emissions did not occur beyond the boundary of the premises.