Focus on CCTV help

Galaxy owner Wendy Davies, who has owned the bead and jewellery store for eight years, said antisocial behaviour was a problem, with her store robbed several times.

�The second day of buying the shop, I did late night trading and a girl came in and stole a whole stand with jewellery hanging from it,� she said.

�She ran from the store and before I could register what happened, she was gone. It progressed from there, so after a year I got a security system that cost thousands of dollars.�

Ms Davies said the latest incident happened while she was on holiday when products worth $500 were stolen.

The Liberal Party�s election campaign in 2013 included $13.5 million in more CCTV cameras, establishing a State CCTV Strategic Plan and centralised access with more cameras in more areas.

East Metropolitan Region MLC Amber-Jade Sanderson said the federal and local government had let the community and businesses down.

�We need these businesses to work and succeed and they�re not doing enough to help them do that,� she said.

Mayor Sylvan Albert said the City was limited in its powers in dealing with antisocial behaviour.

�The City’s Security Watch Service responds to reports of antisocial behaviour and does regular patrols,� he said.

The City was undertaking a project to increase the number of CCTV cameras in the Morley shopping precinct, he said.

Morley MLA Ian Britza did not respond to questions by deadline.

The State Government�s latest budget included $7 million for a State-wide CCTV strategy.