Food show best yet

spanish chef back for more
spanish chef back for more

The Living Room chef with good looks and charisma is back for a second year and can’t wait to hang out with Perth foodies.

‘The thing that stands out about people in Perth is that people are so fun, everyone really gets into the show and enjoys it; the atmosphere is crazy,’ Maestre said.

‘Perth people are so outgoing ” they’re the bomb.

‘I’m also looking forward to coming back and seeing some of Perth’s really cool, trendy new places, pubs and restaurants; I love Perth.’

This year Maestre will take part in the Good Food Theatre show as well as the Chef’s Table.

He will work alongside one of his favourite chefs Alastair McLeod, as well as Anna Gare and Two Greedy Italians star Antonio Carluccio.

‘The Chef’s Table is the perfect opportunity to taste some of the great food prepared on stage,’ he said.

‘This year I’m doing something I’ve never done before ” milking a fish.

‘I’m going to get a female rainbow trout with a belly full of caviar, put the fish to sleep with cloves and then get the caviar out without damaging the fish.

‘It’s something that’s never really happened in front of an audience before. At this year’s show I really want to show people where food comes from.’

Specialising in Spanish cuisine, Maestre said it was hard for him to pick a favourite dish, though he did love his paella.

‘I love cooking rice, paella, seafood and Mediterranean cuisine,’ he said.

‘What I love the most is cooking for my family and friends because love is the best ingredient in life.’

The Good Food and Wine Show at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centreruns from July 11 to 13. Tickets at