Fostering Hope WA: Bayswater Primary School student gathers 24 bags of clothes for foster children

Bayswater Primary School student Abby Howes.
Bayswater Primary School student Abby Howes.

BAYSWATER Primary School Year 5 student Abby Howes (10) is fostering hope for children in need by collecting more than 100kg worth of donated clothes from classmates and the community this term.

Over the past two weeks, Abby collected 24 bags clothes from size six and up and distributed them to Fostering Hope WA.

Fostering Hope WA is a charity which supports children in foster care and is collecting donated clothes, toys and items.

Abby said she hoped to gather more clothes until her appeal finished at the end of the term.

“We have a donation box and people put them in our administration at Bayswater Primary School,” she said.

“They (foster children) don’t have clothes and lots of things like us.”

Mother Kym said she was proud Abby took the initiative to help children.

“We have got four children so whenever they outgrow any of their toys, books or clothes, we always donate them to Fostering Hope or to other charities that are calling out for things,” she said.

“Fostering Hope gives all the clothes to the foster carers for children and it just saves them having to go out and purchase everything from new, when they often don’t know how long the children are going to be in their care for.”