Go Clive Palmer spotting in Perth

Go Clive Palmer spotting in Perth

THE US had Donald Trump and #MAGA (make America Great Again) and now Australia has Clive Palmer and #MAG (Make Australia Great).

Billboards for Mr Palmer’s United Australia Party (UAP) have been popping up around Perth.

The UAP billboards begin going live in May and Clive spotting has become a Perth trend.

Community News is aware of about six billboards around the city.

However, not everyone is happy with the face of Mr Palmer being plastered around Perth with one billboard being vandalised.

It was announced on Sunday that the Palmer United Party had changed its name to the United Australia Party.

Today, Mr Palmer announced via Facebook that Senator Brian Burston would lead UAP in the Senate.

Mr Palmer said he was motivated to change the name of the Palmer United Party, because it was clear that political parties which rallied behind one person – like Pauline Hanson or Derryn Hinch were failures.

The UAP party appears to have two policy platforms – give tax cuts to all and unite the country.