GoFundMe page set up to help Jamie Murphy pay legal fees from Bali drug ordeal

A GOFUNDME page has been set up in a bid to help Bayswater City Soccer Club teenager Jamie Murphy and his family pay for legal costs after his drug scare in Bali last month.

The ‘Price of Innocence’ page created by Upper Swan resident Bryanna Heard on December 4 has already raised $5500 from 41 donors.

The initial target for the campaign was $20,000 but that amount increased to $30,000 after $5000 was raised in the first 24 hours.

Murphy spent three days in jail for allegedly possessing drugs on a trip to Bali with his friends.

He eventually tested negative to any illicit drugs, and results showed the white powder in his possession was paracetamol.

Bayswater City told the Eastern Reporter the club and Murphy’s family would not be speaking to the media about the legal case.

The page, which was shared by the club on Monday, described the incident as a ‘parent’s worst nightmare that could happen to anybody’.

“Our great friend and their 18-year-old son went on his first holiday abroad with his best friends and ended up being locked away in Bali; in a foreign country charged with alleged drug possession,” the page read.

“The charges were soon dropped and he was proved to be innocent of any crime and yet spent three days incarcerated and has to pay back huge legal costs.

“During his three-day stint in custody, Jamie quickly became the subject of worldwide media attention that led to the defamation of his character.

“Jamie does not wish to go to the media and sell his story, but instead would be immensely grateful just to be able to rid himself and his family of these debts and move on.

“As Jamie’s friends who were in Bali with him when this ordeal occurred, we have witnessed first-hand the hurt and stress that has come along with it.

“On behalf of the Murphy family, we would be very grateful for any donations to try and help Jamie rid himself of debt and move on with his life, and this would also try and warn others about the dangers.”

The GoFundMe page has been shared 381 times on Facebook.