Group wants residents to share their dreams for suburb

Local resident Alison Gilchrist.
Local resident Alison Gilchrist.

Headed up by residents Alison Gilchrist, Hilary MacWilliam and Graeme Haggart, the team formed with the hope of creating a community-inspired cohesion project.

Mrs Gilchrist said she hoped everyone living in the town got the chance to participate in the project, which looked at the changing face of the town.

‘Its aim is to give every man, woman and child in who lives in our town the opportunity to offer their part to the whole concept,’ she said.

‘What are our current dreams for all the multi-faceted aspects of life in our suburb? What are our hopes and dreams as a community for the years to come?

‘We are still at early stages, though already we have had some great energised conversations and are sure this has countless possibilities for striking the hearts of this community to consider its identity and purpose, especially in the light of local government reorganisation.

‘We look forward to joining with many across Bassendean in making this a whole-community project.’

Mrs Gilchrist said the group was looking for passionate people to come forward with ideas and skills needed to make ideas come to fruition. ‘The first thing needed is the community, to pledge their support and be part of the journey,’ she said.

‘At this stage we have highlighted a few specific gifts and skills . . . including artists, graphic designers, computer experts, project planners and more.

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