High school’s ‘Third World’ toilets

The boys’ toilet, which is used as a storeroom for cleaning equipment.
The boys’ toilet, which is used as a storeroom for cleaning equipment.

The mother-of-three said the toilets were built in 1966 and had been in poor condition for about 15 years, with a toilet block planned to accommodate Year 7s next year closed for about 10 years.

‘As the photo of the boys’ toilet shows, it is now used for a store room for the cleaners and the female toilets (next door) have been completely removed,’ she said.

‘I suspect the plumbing is still in place but all the cisterns and cubicles have been removed.

‘We believe that the reason for decommissioning the two toilet blocks was due to a drop in numbers to about 600 students and probably the cost of maintenance and cleaning.

‘However with the expected influx of Year 7s in 2015, student numbers will increase to about 900.

‘It certainly appears that the education system doesn’t care about students as the basic WC facility remains in Third World standard ” the toilets need a complete overhaul.’

Perth MHR Alannah MacTiernan this month wrote to Education Minister Peter Collier, expressing her concerns over the ‘appalling state of toilets’ at the school after sending a similar letter about facilities at John Forrest Secondary College.

‘It is disappointing that as with John Forrest Secondary College, the school has received no upgrade funds for Year 7s,’ she said.

‘This state of affairs must be addressed as a matter of urgency.

‘Minister, I again urge you to take the necessary steps that will ensure that the toilets at Hampton SHS can be brought up to a modern standard of hygiene.’

Mr Collier said Hampton SHS toilet block would be upgraded as part of new capital works to cater for Year 7 students arriving at the school in 2015.

‘The works include the toilets, along with adjoining showers and change rooms,’ he said.

‘In addition, five classrooms are also being refurbished to provide fresh, modern learning environments for our youngest secondary children.

‘The project will be completed for the start of school next year. The Department of Education is also investigating various options and costs for a toilet upgrade at John Forrest Secondary College.

‘This is in addition to the funding already committed for the refurbishment of several classrooms in readiness for the Year 7 cohort in 2015.’