Highest paid tradies: Perth tops the ‘Tradie Rich List’

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IT’S not quite the BRW Rich List, but the Tradie Rich List gives an interesting overview on where Australia’s best-paid tradespeople work.

Compiled by quoting website ServiceSeeking.com.au, the list compiles data culled from 52,000 quotes the site submitted during the quarter to March 2016.

WA plumbers are the nation’s best-paid tradies, making an average of $87.67 per hour, although the slowdown continues to bite hard – that figure is down 9.5 per cent on the same quarter last year.

WA’s electricians are next best, with an average income of $87.33 per hour, and it’s a long way to the next best – NSW builders making $77.85 per hour.

NSW plumbers are on an average of $77.42 per hour, with Victorian plumbers making $77.03.

Across all industries, the average tradesman earns $60.88 per hour, a slight increase of 0.3 per cent on last year.

The top 10 Tradie Rich List:

1. WA plumbers – $87.67 per hour

2. WA electricians – $87.33 per hour

3. NSW builders – $77.85 per hour

4. NSW plumbers – in $77.42 per hour

5. VIC plumbers – $77.03 per hour

6. QLD electricians – $75.23 per hour

7. WA builders – $71.52 per hour

8. QLD landscapers – $70.57 per hour

9. VIC electricans – $68.68 per hour

10. QLD plumbers – $68.58 per hour